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Dungeon Master Java Original Map

I've recreated the original map for use in Dungeon Master Java. It's tuned for newbies so that it should be relatively easy to complete. To get it, click the link below:

Download Original Map For Dungeon Master Java

Installation Instructions
  1. Unzip the supplied zip file into the directory you installed Dungeon Master Java (e.g. "C:\Program Files\dmjava\" or "/usr/games/dmjava")
  2. Run Dungeon Master Java and Choose "Custom" and then dmorig13.dat
  3. Play the game...

Please see the README file included in the zip for more information on how to contact me with various bugs, suggestions and comments. Alternatively, you can post on the DMJava message board where I'm likely to see it.

This clone has been made much much easier by George Gilberts DMute editor for the original Dungeon Master.
Additionally the Dungeon Master / Chaos Strikes Back encyclopadia has been very helpful.
Many thanks to Beowuuf for playtesting this dungeon.

Notes On Original Map For Dungeon Master Java

I've come across numerous problems when trying to recreate the original map, because DMJava is not an exact clone of the original.
What follows is a list of "known" bugs. Most are the fault of laziness (but require a lot of work to fix), and some are just not available in DMJava.

All Levels: Level 1: (Hall of Champions) Level 3: (Choose your door, choose your fate) Level 4: (Worm Lair): Level 5: (Poisoned Lair): Level 6: (Skeletons): Level 7: (Tomb of the firestaff): Level 8: (The Cavern): Level 9: (Rats!): level 11: (Infinite Loops): Level 12: (Knight Level): Level 14: Dragon:
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