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Dungeon Master Java

Dungeon Master is a game brought out for the Amiga and Atari ST in the late 1980s. It was a revolutionary game for it's time - possible a very early pre-cursor to Doom.

Dungeon Master Java is a remake of the classic game. It's a reasonably faithful clone, and I'm trying to provide additional resources for it on this site:

Links For Dungeon Master Fans

Java Links
Dungeon Master Java Home Page.
DMJava Message Board
Omera has parts of the DMJava site mirrored
beowuufs jump site try here if that site is down.

Dungeon Master Links
Dungeon Master Encyclopaedia
The Original Dungeon Master Game can be downloaded from various abandonware sites, of which The Underdogs is one.
George Gilbert's DM Editor

DMJava Dungeons
My Dungeon Master Dungeon
Wishbone's Chaos Strikes Back Dungeon
Eye Of the Beholder I and II dungeons. If that site is down try here or local mirror (coming soon)
Drago's Dungeon
Methusalem's Dungeon

Java Alternative Graphics
Alternate graphics for your dungeons available from Germanny
Hero Icons
Bens Image Archive (Thanks for this :o)

If you have an original dungeon, send me the URL and I'll put you in my DMJava links list. If you have nowhere to host your original dungeon, either pick up a free site from tripod or freeservers or send me it and I'll add it to this site.
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