FAQ for Dungeon Master Java
Version: 0.1
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Last-modified: 30/05/02

Frequently Asked Questions about Dungeon Master Java


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the ezboard discussion group at http://pub54.ezboard.com/fdungeonmasterjavafrm1 and the wider Dungeon Master Java community

FAQ Information
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This FAQ is a living document, if there's any corrections, additions or comments you'd like to make, please send them to me for the next edition.

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Jonathan Daniel, Editor.
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Please don't email me with questions not already covered in this FAQ. That's what the message boards are for, which I'll check from time to time and add questions and answers to this FAQ in due course.
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FAQ Contents
  1. Installing
  2. General Gameplay
  3. Editor
  4. Related Links
  5. Hints and Spoilers

[1.1] General Install Information
In order to play Dungeon Master Java, you'll need to get:

* The game itself, available from http://www.cs.pitt.edu/~alandale/dmjava/download.html and mirrored at http://dmjava.free.fr/original.index.htm"

* A Java 1.3 run-time environment for your operating system. This can be downloaded here: http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.3/download.html . You probably want to download the JRE rather than the SDK, because the SDK is huge.

If you've downloaded dungeon master java, but not the java runtime environment, you will not be able to play the game.

[1.2] Creating shortcuts for Windows
The install program should automatically create you a shortcut for Dungeon Master Java, and the editor. If it doesn't, then you can create a shortcut yourself. The Shortcut command line should be
C:\bin\javaw.exe -cp . dmnew
and the path should be set to the directory you installed Dungeon Master Java in.

[1.3] Can I play it over the internet or in applet form?
No. The game is far too large to play in applet form. Internet/Multiplayer is not currently an option either.

[2.1] General Attack Strategy.
There are several pointers to help you here, to stop you dying repeatedly:

* Use a "hit and run" strategy. Wait for your foe to move, attack with your weapons, and then retreat. If you're quick, they will not have time to attack you.

* Throw things (anything!) at your foe. Be careful to stop your stamina reaching zero.

* Trap your foe beneath a closing door. This causes them lots of damage. The only disadvantage to this is you have to stand and be pummelled by them.

* If your foe is throwing things/firing spells, you should do the same.

[2.2] Character Level information

[2.3] Should I practice?
Many players "practice", punching in thin air, war crying, hacking at doors. Casting spells, even when they're unnecessary, etc. This can be a big help when you come up against someone really big and nasty. You shouldn't need to do this, but in practice it helps a lot.

[2.4] Which characters do I choose?

[2.5] I'm taking damage at the beginning at the game for no reason!
One possibility is that your stamina levels for one of your characters has reached almost zero (centre bar). If this happens, your character will take damage. You need either stamina potions, or simply, to move slower! A longer term solution is to gain ninja levels.

[2.6] I keep dying! This game's way too hard.
Ack. Yes, the default dungeon is extremely difficult. It's meant to be as Alan created it for Dungeon Master enthusiasts. Unfortunately, that means everyone else must suffer. You could try the original dungeon remake which has been tuned for newbies in section [4.2]. Otherwise, read about general strategies in section [2.1]

[2.7] I keep running out of food.

[3.1] Creating your own dungeons
To create your own dungeon, you'll need to use the editor. What is HIGHLY recommended is that you look carefully at how other people have constructed their dungeons first, before trying to attempt your own 23 level dungeon yourself.

[4.1] Links relating to dungeon master java information
The official site: http://www.cs.pitt.edu/~alandale/dmjava
The message board: http://pub54.ezboard.com/bdungeonmasterjava
Omera's additional resources: http://dmjava.free.fr/
Beowuuf's Jump site: http://www.dmjump.net
BigCalm's site: https://bigcalm.tripod.com/dmjava
Dungeon Master Encyclopaedia: http://dmweb.free.fr
The original game: http://www.the-underdogs.org/game.php?name=Dungeon+Master
George Gilberts Dungeon Editor: http://www.ragingmole.com/DMute

[4.2] Other dungeons and recreations
BigCalm's original map recreation: https://bigcalm.tripod.com/dmjava/original.htm
Wishbone's Chaos Strikes Back: http://wishbone.is-root.com/games/index.html
Eye of the Beholder I and II: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/david.hall48/
Methusalem's Dungeon: http:/www.dragoncave.de/members/site_paulspage.html

[4.3] Alternative Graphics
Germanny's collection: http://home.t-online.de/home/rr.hinne/
Extra hero icons: http://www.geocities.com/fumonz_/dm/dm.html
Bens image archive: https://bigcalm.tripod.com/dmjava/bens.zip

[5.1] General spoiler information
Information in this section has spoilers - solutions to puzzles within the Dungeon Master Java game. Each section should start with a hint, and then tell you the solution.

[5.2] Only the strong shall pass?
Hint: This is an extremely tough section, and you should not attempt it until your characters are pretty decent.
You need to throw something (dagger, arrow, sling-rock) down the passage to close a forcefield. If you keep throwing stuff, and the forcefield does not close, then you're probably not ready to attempt the next section. Strength potions can help you throw further.