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Rules and Ordinances For Ford Transit Vans

A truck backed through my windshield and into my wife's face
- Quote from an accident claim form

The following has now passed into law (Road Traffic Act (Combined) 2001) , after recommendations from a select panel of judges in April 2001.

This is an excerpt (section 217a) from the aforementioned act. In all of the laws and ordinances below, "the vehicle" refers to the vehicle manufactured by the Ford Motor Company, named the "Transit Van"
  1. The number of people allowed to travel within the front cabin of the vehicle shall number one or three persons. Having two people in the front of the vehicle for any length of time will contravene regulations.
  2. All pedals within the vehicle must be treated as "digital" devices - either on or off.
  3. The cleaning of the vehicle is strictly forbidden. Messages such as "If my wife was as dirty as this I'd be at home" should be chalked appropriately in the grime on the vehicle wherever possible.
  4. The maximum distance between the vehicle and the car in front when in stationary traffic is 4.5mm
  5. If the vehicle is unmarked, the owner will be imprisoned for a minimum of six months due to the inevitable criminal activities it will be used for
If the owner of the vehicle contravenes any of the above rules, a fine of up to £1000 may be issued by the officer present. Appeals may be made to an appropriate magistrates court.

5th October 2001 Copyright Jonathan Daniel 2001